Clue 31

1. Whether you are looking for an eccentric addition to your home, or a look into a studio, this shop has more than meets the eye.2. Take a picture of something you like in the store3. Send a picture of your receipt for extra points

Clue 30

1. You might hear some people talking about Nebraska’s #1 crop when you pop in for a sweet roll for breakfast or a tasty snack to get your around the corner.2. Picture of a display3. Copy of receipt for extra points

Clue 29

1. Come to a place where you can satisfy a sweet tooth and take a dip into earlier times in this retro shop.2. Take a picture of it’s main display3. Send picture with receipt for extra...

Clue 28

The name of this business is French for “brain.”

Clue 27

Do your best to “escape” from this place of business by doing puzzles and using teamwork skills. Complete an escape room with your team. Submit your receipt and get a point for every dollar spent. 

Clue 26

Take a ride to the farmers market, or out to sea on a pirate ship. This is a great place for kids to have some fun Go inside for some fun but make sure to send a picture of your “operation.” Submit a photo of your receipt and get a point for every dollar...

Clue 25

This site served as a relay station for the Pony Express, and was listed on the 1861 Overland Mail Company contract. Find this historical marker.

Clue 24

Nebraska has more miles of river than any other state. Take a photo with one of the two rivers that flow through North Platte.

Clue 23

This community organization serves its members and community by enhancing the overall business climate, by recruiting and attracting new business and jobs and by developing the economic and cultural interests of the area.

Clue 22

The Architectural talents of Robert R. Hinde, Jr. and the organizational abilities of Don C. Craig combined to create this perpetual tribute to America’s veterans. Conceived in 1997 Completed in 2005 41° 6.494′ N, 100° 45.782′ W

Clue 21

Located between the South Platte River and Francis, Oak and McDonald Streets, this public area is comprised of 103 acres. This park is a popular spot for little league baseball tournaments and soccer games. Wee! Take a photo going down the slide on this park’s...

Clue 20

Abide by the law and pay your taxes and you won’t have to worry about ending up here.

Clue 19

This green guy welcomes people heading north into North Platte. Look “Kwik” though, you might miss him. Hop on and take a picture.

Clue 18

The Pawnee theater house was originally located on 5th and pine. It was renovated in 1956 and closed as a movie theater in 1979. Neville’s three daughters, whose family still owned the building and real estate, sold the building in 1980 for one dollar as it became...

Clue 17

Part 1 – Great little place right off the interstate to get out, stretch your legs, do some shopping and learn some history. Hop on the bear and take a picture. Part 2 – Learn about Buffalo Bill’s groundbreaking rodeo, through the “Miniature Wild West...

Clue 16

A long walk in a little space this circular walk will help you quiet the mind as the body moves along a singular path leading from the outer edge to the center, and then back to the outer edge.

Clue 15

Built in 1921-24 and 1931-32, this building is an excellent, largely unaltered example of the property type “County Citadel”. Identifying features include a rectangular shape, centered entrance, costly materials, distinctive ornamentation, Beaux Arts stylistic...

Clue 14

This is the site of the world’s first spectator rodeo, hosted by Buffalo Bill Cody in 1882. It went on to become the Wild West Show and the Cowboy Exhibition evolved into the modern sport of Rodeo. The Memorial consists of a life-size statue of Buffalo Bill donated by...

Clue 13

This man Organized “Wild West Show” on ranch near North Platte, Nebr. in 1883 and toured the world with partner Bailey, of Barnum & Bailey, enlarged the “Wild West Show” in 1893. Find his larger than life replica full of personal information. 41° 6.816′ N, 100°...

Clue 12

Originally erected in 1864 Hauled to North Platte by ox team, this found a home in North Platte June 27, 1940. 41° 8.165′ N, 100° 45.792′ W.